Lilith Stabs

Bombshell, pin-up vixen, b-horror hottie, friend to bunnies everywhere......

Its whats going on.

What Lilith is up to in 2011.


My prefumes 13 Scents. I put out a few over the top commericals to promote them.

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I published an ebook available on Amazon Kindle The Little Bunny Body book by L.A. Starr ( my pen name for children's book ).

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 The Little Bunny Body book is available on Amazon Kindle

 Some of my artwork and photography on sale now on sites like Etsy and other various sites.


I'm working on various other writing projects as well as a new music project with my husband and his band "The Dead Horse Saloon Band featuring Lilith Stabs". I've done a few of those cameo/short appearances that I film myself over 2011 but I have no news on when they will be out, once I know I will post on here.

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